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smart kitchen dustbins

transforms your food waste to fertile soil

stops landfills, air & ground water pollution


smart organic terrace gardens

organic veggies right from your terrace

watered only once a month


Community & Bulk Waste Management Solutions

Economical | Simple & Easy | Neat & Clean | Low Space Footprint | Zero Electricity | Low Manpower

Composting in bulk, the GreenTech Life way is super simple, easy and practical. Just like all our other products.

  • Initial investment of less than Rs 999/- per apartment
  • Monthly running cost of Rs 150/- per apartment
  • No need for extra manpower
  • Simple and quick set up

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Featured Products

BB2 Clean
Bio Bloom – 500g Packs (for old Smartbins)

For Smartbin (old version) users only

Bio Bloom microbes are for old smartbin users. If you own a smartbin air, then please order Bio Bloom Air at this link.

Bio Bloom has now evolved to Bio Bloom C

It is cocopeat based instead of bran and is available on Amazon.

244.00488.00 inc. GST Read more
Bio Bloom Air - Aerobic Composting Microbes Buy Online India
Bio Bloom Air – 1kg Packs (for Smartbin Air)

[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] - Low running cost of Rs 75 per month for a family of 4 [icon icon=icon-question-sign size=14px color=#444]

[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] - Consume within 45 days from opening or 180 days from date of packing

[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] - Lifetime Online & Phone Support

[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] - FREE Home Delivery All Over India

[icon icon=icon-phone-sign size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] - Call +91 80 6771 0997 if you need help

[icon icon=icon-money size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] Cash On Delivery

In all major cities & towns in India

[icon icon=icon-lock size=22px color=#65cbf2 ] Secure Payments
[icon icon=icon-bolt size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] Next Day Shipping**

Via FedEx else Indian Post if FedEx doesn't deliver

** Except weekends & public holidays | Except if order is on Backorder [icon icon=icon-question-sign size=14px color=#444]

Save Money with Economy Mode of Bio Bloom Air

Using Bio Bloom Air for composting can be very inexpensive by using the Economy Mode. Many people are using it successfully. Here's how it works:

Once you get your first batch of compost, let it age for at least a month. Then dry it out thoroughly and mix with equal parts of Bio Bloom Air. You now have the economy mode of Bio Bloom Air. Use that mix instead of Bio Bloom Air to layer your waste in the Smartbin Air. Over time, with experience, you can continue to decrease the percentage of Bio Bloom Air in your Economy Mode, and increase the percentage of your aged and dried compost. This way eventually, you will reach a stage, when you only purchase the Bio Bloom Air 3 - 4 times a year to replenish the microbe population in your Economy Mode and the running cost will become negligible.

209.00756.00 150.00756.00 inc. GST Select options
Upgrade old smartbins to air
Smartbin to Smartbin Air Upgrade Packs

Upgrades are finally here!

[icon icon=icon-thumbs-up-alt size=18px style=circle color=#444][icon icon=icon-heart size=14px style=circle color=#fff] No more smell of the smartbin pickle

[icon icon=icon-thumbs-up-alt size=18px style=circle color=#444][icon icon=icon-heart size=14px style=circle color=#fff] No more layering

Important Notes [icon icon=icon-exclamation-sign size=16px style=circle color=#444]

[icon icon=icon-exclamation-sign size=16px style=circle color=#444] Click here to see how to use Smartbin Air

[icon icon=icon-exclamation-sign size=16px style=circle color=#444] Click here for all you need to know about this new & improved method

[icon icon=icon-exclamation-sign size=16px style=circle color=#444] Bio Bloom Air [icon icon=icon-question-sign size=18px color=#444] is not included in this pack. Order it separately at this link

Product Discontinued: Smartbin to Smartbin Air Upgrade Packs

Here's the alternate option:

The difference between your old Smartbins and Smartbin Air is the mesh which is stuck to the lids. We can send the mesh to you and you'll have to get your existing lids cut and fix those meshes with super glue like feviquick. (Water based glues won't stay). You can either do it yourself or get a carpenter or handyman to do it for you. If this works for you, please drop an email to with the following information and we'll send the meshes to you.

  • Your complete delivery address, with pin code
  • Mobile number for delivery
  • Size (20L or 10L mini)
  • Number of lids you need to upgrade

NOTE: Currently we're shipping the meshes for free, but after 1 Jun 2018, they'll be charged and will be available on Amazon.

600.001,040.00 inc. GST Read more
Waste Disposal, Garbage Disposal, Food Waste Disposal, Manure for plants, Compost for plants, Home composting, Composting at home, Waste Management, Food waste management
Smartbin Air – Easy Indoor Composter

Our products are now only available on Amazon.

Click below to order.

[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] . Simple, Neat & Clean, Easy To Use Product

[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] . Thousands Of Happy Users

[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] - Lifetime Online & Phone Support

[icon icon=icon-ok-sign size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] - FREE Home Delivery All Over India

[icon icon=icon-phone-sign size=20px color=#65cbf2 ] - Call +918067710997 if You Need Help To Place An Order

1,299.0027,740.00 1,299.0023,579.00 inc. GST Read more
Rezistance – Organic Pest Control
Now multiply the value of your compost many times, build your plants' immunity against insects and pests with Rezistance - India's first Compost Tea Maker kit.

Kit includes:

  1. - 10 Liter Bin, with Lid
  2. - Aerator Pump with air stone
  3. - 4 bags (300g each) high quality organic compost
  4. - 4 single use cloth bags with strings (to hang like tea bags)
  5. - Kissan Kraft 1 liter tea sprayer.
Excellent for Aphid, spider mites and other insects control.

Short video showing how to use Rezistance:

1,499.00 inc. GST Read more
Complete self watering organic terrace gardening kit in India by GreenTech Life
Smart Gardens for Terrace – Complete Self Watering Garden Kit
  • Never lose a plant during vacations due to lack of watering again. Water smart gardens only once a month!
  • Strong fibre glass body lasts 30 - 40 years. Long term investment into your family's future.
  • Completely safe, designed specifically for Indian concrete terraces. Only 25kg per square feet load on terrace, leakproof, resistant to strong winds, doesn't allow seepage or damage to the terrace. Terrace always stays neat and clean.
  • Complete kit, only 2 hours to start growing. No need to buy anything from outside, no needed to consult multiple experts, visit multiple shops, vendors or service providers.
  • We've done all the research so you don't have to. Grow like a master gardener from the first time onwards.
  • Training through online videos, consultancy & life-time phone/email and facebook forum support, just like all our products.
33,900.00339,000.00 33,900.00314,500.00 inc. GST Read more

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