Reselling Smartbin Airs

Why Resell Smartbins

Over the last one year we have been consistently getting 3 questions from people all over India.

1. Can I pick it up from a shop?

2. Can I sell your products?

3. How can I get involved with GreenTech Life?

The only reason we held back on appointing distributors is because we wanted to create a large group of successful users first and wanted to make sure customers get enough handholding. Now we have reached a stage where Smartbin Air has proven itself over and over again, and all the issues faced by customers have been ironed out as anyone can see in our customer forum on facebook.

We are also getting a lot of queries generated on our website indicating that there is a large group of people who’d love to adopt the Smartbin Airs, but they are not comfortable ordering online. Most of them don’t know what “Add to cart” means or what the word “Proceed to Check Out” means.

How will it work?

We’ll have three categories of resellers.

1. Category 1 resellers. People who are interested in trying this out on a small scale (who’d operate from their homes, or small nurseries/gardening stores/organic stores) – people with space constraints and investment constraints. Since the parcels will be sent via post office, the outer packaging will spoil by the time they arrive. Hence we’ll send additional packing boxes for reselling the smartbins and cost for the boxes will be over and above. Resellers in Bangalore can directly pick it up from our warehouse at Chika Begur thereby saving the Post Office shipping cost.

Minimum Order Value: Rs 23,000 | Margin: 15% | No of sets: 10
Transport Included

2. Category 2 resellers. People who do not have such challenges. People who do have the space and the money required to sell in larger volumes. These people will be able to recruit/appoint category 1 resellers and still make viable income.

Minimum Order Value: Rs 2,02,425 | Margin: 25% | No of sets: 100
Transport Extra

3. Category 3 resellers (Sole Distributors for City – Not available for Bangalore). People who want sole distributorship for their city. Must have significant space and an established retail network. All category 1, category 2 reseller queries and bulk queries from apartments, or institutions in their city will be directed to them. Individual sales that directly happen on our website will continue to be fulfilled by us directly as delivering one smartbin at a time will not be feasible. However, since they’ll be a pick up point for the city, and their information will be published on our website, people will have the option of directly picking them up from them.

Minimum Order Value: Rs 8,77,175 | Margin: 35% | No of sets: 500
Transport Extra

How we’ll handle the customer support

We will include a easy to follow, printed manual, which resellers must walk the customers through. The support we provide to our customers through our forum will continue.

Since GreenTech Life has some experience in providing support remotely, we’ll transfer those skills to our resellers to handle support to customers who can not join the support forum. GreenTech Life will continue to focus on support and handholding customers.

Support to Resellers

Just like we have been supporting our customers remotely, we’ll continue to support our resellers, in handling queries, and tips to make them successful. By closely working with resellers all over India, we’ll be in a position to improve the collective understanding and success rate of our resellers.

The moment a Category 1 reseller sells 25 smartbins within a span of 6 months, their contact details will be listed on our website. This will drive customers to them and help them grow their own businesses and also sell other related products. Category 2 & category 3 resellers will immediately be displayed on our website.

GreenTech Life will continue to advertise on Facebook (and gradually we’ll expand to other avenues of advertisement) and as and when our website traffic goes up, so will our resellers customers.

Sounds Interesting?

If this is something you are interested in write to