Complete Kits for Organic Terrace Kitchen Garden in India

Unlock the wealth on your terrace with beautiful and long lasting modular terrace gardens producing pure organic greens!

Developed for busy urban lifestyles, Complete Self Watering Kits for organic terrace kitchen garden in India. Easy to set up & use, no experience necessary.
Complete self watering terrace garden kits to grow your own organic veggies.
Helps you say goodbye to harmful chemicals in your family’s diet. Forever.
Needs to be watered only once a month. Perfectly suited for busy lifestyles.
Super easy to set up & use. Grow like a master gardener without any prior experience.
Lifetime handholding and support. Just like our other products.
Helps protect our environment by reducing food mileage, soil degradation & fossil fuel consumption.

Good for your family

Chemical Free Diet: Vegetables today are filled with harmful chemicals & pesticides (read poison). With smart gardens, and smartbins, you will be able to grow your own vegetables without these harmful chemicals.

Better Health: Food grown with these measly chemicals leave them devoid of micronutrients. This causes food cravings, which lead to overeating, which inturn leads to obesity – a worldwide epidemic. If you really think about it, obesity has only spread after World War II. That’s when chemical farming started taking over. See if you can find anyone who only eats organic food and is obese at the same time. You won’t find any. Food grown in your smart gardens are wholesome, organic and full of micronutrients.

Food Inflation: Food prices are increasing everyday – it is cheaper to buy a bottle of soft drink today compared to a glass of fresh fruit juice in most places. Smart gardens last upto 30 years, and cost of growing is less than Rs 300 per family per month, (on Bio Bloom Air microbes for smartbin). This way with a one time investment in the gardens, you make your family immune to such price increases for the next 30 years.

Availability Of Organic Food: Organic food is not available everywhere even if you wanted to pay a premium for it. With the smart gardens, you only pay once, and for the next 30 years, all your produce is organic.

Assurance Of Quality: There is no full proof way to know if the organic produce you bought is actually organic. With smart gardens, you know exactly what went into growing your family’s food.

Reduced Airconditioning: Concrete city roofs soak up the Sun’s radiation throughout the day and increase the temperature in the rooms below. Covering the terrace with smart gardens, automatically reduce the need for air conditioning, thus saving you lakhs of rupees in electricity, over the next 30 years.

Easy to set up & use: Smart Gardens provide complete kits for organic terrace kitchen gardening in India. No need to buy anything from outside. Only a 2 hour set up and you are ready to grow like a master gardener with no prior experience.

Good for our planet

Saves Fresh Water: 92% of fresh water on earth is used up in current forms of agriculture. You can grow the same food with 80% less water in your smart gardens.

Saves Fossil Fuel Pollution: Food on an average (worldwide) travels 1500 miles (2414 kms) from where it is grown to where it is eaten thereby consuming massive amounts of fossil fuels, emitting harmful gasses and ruining our atmosphere. (We are over 7 billion people after all, so that emission is a lot more than one would imagine.) With your smart garden, for the food consumed by your family, that emission is zero.

Soil Preservation: The amount of chemicals we are dumping on soil in the form of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers is killing soil fertility. This is a serious threat to our children and our future generations. With smart gardens, you stop that from happening for the food that your family consumes.

Preserves Biodiversity: We are wiping out all other species of plants and causing massive deforestation, and subsequently desertification, just to grow a few species only for our food. Remember if the trees go, so does oxygen. By growing your own, you not only stop that from happening, the plants in your smart gardens add their own share of oxygen while taking away the carbon from the atmosphere! Can you imagine how cool that is?


Pictures from our customers’ gardens

Smart Garden - Self Watering Organic Terrace Garden

A great investment for your family’s future

As the current forms of agriculture continue to degrade our soil quality, the cost of fresh produce will continue to increase. How much would that be for the next 30 years for your family? Also how much would you save on air conditioning as global temperatures continue to rise over the next 30 years?

Smart gardens are a one time investment that last upto 30 years. The cost of growing your own produce in these modules is negligible (about Rs 300 a month for a family of four that is spent on the Bio Bloom Air microbes for the smartbins). They also keep the rooms below cool thus reducing the need for air conditioning. That’s money saved for the next 30 years.

Most of the activities for gardening are either eliminated by design, or automated in the smart gardens. This allows you to grow your own veggies in spite of the busy schedule that you have. Any other garden will take a lot of maintenance, and years of research to set up. Smart gardens on the other hand can be set up in a day, and there’s hardly any work involved to grow your fresh organic vegetables.

Now consider the alternate. Vegetables in the market are bad for our health and cause lifestyle diseases because of the harmful chemicals in the form of pesticides and fertilisers. If you were to buy organic vegetables from the market, you pay a premium price for it. Not only that, there is no sure shot way of knowing if they are actually grown without chemicals. On top of this, the price of food is constantly increasing.

As the current forms of agriculture continue to degrade our soil quality, the cost of fresh produce will continue to increase. How much would that be for the next 30 years for your family? Also how much would you save on air conditioning as global temperatures continue to rise over the next 30 years? How much would you save on healthcare bills over the next 30 years. Most importantly how does one put a value to health?

When you add all these factors up, smart gardens automatically become an obvious choice for your family.

Smart Gardens Video: Overview & Features

A ten minute video explaining how smart gardens can suit a busy person’s lifestyle:

The best of nature. Automated for your ease.

2.-Suited122Smart Gardens are designed to make gardening a pleasure, not hard work.

Most of the activities that are required for gardening like, watering, weeding & pest control have almost been eliminated by design. One typically only waters these gardens 6 – 8 times a year!

Weeding is done only in the beginning when the bed is set up for the first time. There after it won’t be required any more except on a few occasions, when some weed seeds get into your garden modules brought by the wind or birds. That too is very rare. There is no digging involved and since the soil is soft, sowing or weeding is very easy.

Through our easy to follow planting charts and two ten minute videos, you will be able to easily follow companion planting, succession cropping & lunar planting techniques – all of which help build the plants’ immunity. This way your plants fight their own pests, so you don’t have to!

Except sowing seeds occasionally, and harvesting your produce, there is hardly any commitment at all for your family.

Get Your Smart Garden Here:

Complete self watering organic terrace gardening kit in India by GreenTech Life
Smart Gardens for Terrace – Complete Self Watering Garden Kit
  • Never lose a plant during vacations due to lack of watering again. Water smart gardens only once a month!
  • Strong fibre glass body lasts 30 - 40 years. Long term investment into your family's future.
  • Completely safe, designed specifically for Indian concrete terraces. Only 25kg per square feet load on terrace, leakproof, resistant to strong winds, doesn't allow seepage or damage to the terrace. Terrace always stays neat and clean.
  • Complete kit, only 2 hours to start growing. No need to buy anything from outside, no needed to consult multiple experts, visit multiple shops, vendors or service providers.
  • We've done all the research so you don't have to. Grow like a master gardener from the first time onwards.
  • Training through online videos, consultancy & life-time phone/email and facebook forum support, just like all our products.
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