Bio Bloom Air – 1kg Packs (for Smartbin Air)

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Low running cost of Rs 75 per month for a family of 4

Consume within 45 days from opening or 180 days from date of packing

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Save Money with Economy Mode of Bio Bloom Air

Using Bio Bloom Air for composting can be very inexpensive by using the Economy Mode. Many people are using it successfully. Here's how it works:

Once you get your first batch of compost, let it age for at least a month. Then dry it out thoroughly and mix with equal parts of Bio Bloom Air. You now have the economy mode of Bio Bloom Air. Use that mix instead of Bio Bloom Air to layer your waste in the Smartbin Air. Over time, with experience, you can continue to decrease the percentage of Bio Bloom Air in your Economy Mode, and increase the percentage of your aged and dried compost. This way eventually, you will reach a stage, when you only purchase the Bio Bloom Air 3 – 4 times a year to replenish the microbe population in your Economy Mode and the running cost will become negligible.

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