Green made easy

Switching to a green way of life is often easier said than done. One of the greatest causes of the ecological imbalance we face today is the fundamental human desire for convenience and ease. Trying to restore this natural balance at the cost of human convenience becomes far too difficult for most people. The question is: can we have a green and natural lifestyle along with the modern comforts we like? In other words, can green be made easy?

The answer, according to us, is yes. This conviction is the driving force behind our products. Designed for sustainability as much as simplicity, these products blend smoothly into our busy lifestyles while also reducing our carbon footprint.

Take, for example, the smartbin.

This smart waste­management instrument simply replaces the kitchen dustbin, and provides an easy composting solution at the very place where food waste is generated. It eliminates the need for sending our waste to landfills to pollute our air and our groundwater. Most of the tedious chores involved in traditional composting methods, such as gathering dry leaves or sawdust, frequent mixing and turning, maintaining carbon-­nitrogen ratio, managing temperature and moisture, etc are completely eliminated.

The smartbin works in two simple stages. In the first stage, the food waste is collected and pickled for two weeks in sealed conditions, with the help of beneficial composting microbes supplied by GreenTech Life. The sealed lid prevents flies, insects and rodents from accessing the fermenting waste, while the microbes ensure the kitchen remains free of any foul smell. In the second stage, the pickled food waste is mixed with soil, or compost generated in the previous cycle. This mixture is cured in a drum for three weeks, before it turns into high­ quality compost. Since the first stage happens inside the kitchen, this offers an ideal solution for not just independent houses, but also for apartments where space is often a constraint.

Now, one might wonder what to do with all this compost.

Of course it can be used in regular gardens, but an even better use for it would be to grow one’s own organic vegetables on the terrace. With GreenTech Life’s terrace garden kits, this is not just possible, but incredibly easy. These modular terrace gardens produce fresh chemical-­free vegetables right on the rooftop. What’s more, they need to be watered, believe it or not, just once a month.

While conventional gardens require a time commitment of at least 30 minutes a day, these gardens need only 30 minutes a week. They are self­watering, lightweight, leak proof, and extremely simple to set up. And if that doesn’t sound easy enough, we also provide planting charts and guidance for those who don’t have much of a green thumb.

For us at GreenTech Life, green is not just a way of life. It is the way to make life simple.


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