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Rezistance – Organic Pest Control

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Now multiply the value of your compost many times, build your plants' immunity against insects and pests with Rezistance – India's first Compost Tea Maker kit.

Kit includes:

  1. – 10 Liter Bin, with Lid
  2. – Aerator Pump with air stone
  3. – 4 bags (300g each) high quality organic compost
  4. – 4 single use cloth bags with strings (to hang like tea bags)
  5. – Kissan Kraft 1 liter tea sprayer.

Excellent for Aphid, spider mites and other insects control.

Short video showing how to use Rezistance:

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Rezistance is India’s first compost tea maker kit. It extracts the most out of your compost and multiplies it with the help of dissolved oxygen. Some benefits of Rezistance are:

  • Doubles up as organic fertiliser as well as pesticide without killing.
  • Multiplies the effects of your compost. Now get many times more benefits out of the same quantity of compost.
  • Builds plant immunity and boosts overall productivity
  • Visible difference in your plants within 15 days
  • Long lasting effects against most insects like aphids, mealy bugs, spider mites and others
  • Extremely low electricity usage

How to use:

  1. Fill the bin with water
  2. Dissolve 3 tablespoons of jaggery in the water (this will provide food for the beneficial microorganisms)
  3. Fill the compost bag (one at a time only) with compost provided (or your own compost) and dip in the bucket.
  4. Insert the air pipe, with the air stone positioned below the compost bag.
  5. Turn on the air pump and leave overnight
  6. Next morning spray thoroughly on your plants and repeat weekly or bi-monthly.



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