Join us to make this planet cleaner, greener, & more sustainable

Freelance Blog Writer Jobs in India

Are you someone who cares about our future generations and our planet’s sustainability?

Are you someone who is seeking to utilise your skills for something meaningful and make a lasting difference?

Are you sincere, focussed and committed to your work?

If the answers to these questions are ‘Yes!’
then we welcome you to join us in our mission to make this earth a better place for our future generations (and for us).

Positions Currently Open

Position: Freelance Blog Writer | Job Code: GFBW-1116

What we expect

You excel in the english language with an OCD for grammar and punctuation

You have a way of communication that everyone will understand, not just the scholars

You have with a liberal dash of common sense and are open to learning

You are good at researching current events, comprehending and adding value to what’s already out there

You like to work your own hours, yet have the discipline to meet deadlines.

You are consistent and dependable even though you are not being monitored

What you can expect

Regular & continuous assignments with timely payments

Freedom of working from home

Creative freedom

Choose your own hours

Be part of a team of self driven individuals

Clear, easy to understand expectations from your job

A platform to become a positive trend setter

Get to hon your skills to drive results & not just perform tasks

Career progression to full time blog writer, editor and then all the way to chief editor while working from home

If your expectations match with our expectations, write to, with the following:

  • mention subject line as Your Name | GFBW-1116
  • a brief explanation of why you think you can add value to our mission of making this planet a cleaner, greener and more sustainable place
  • a copy of your CV
  • a few examples of articles you have written in the past

We respond to every application, even if it is rejected along with the reason for rejection.